Thank You Letter For Internship Sample Template & Examples

Today in this article we are going to share 10+ Samples of thank you letter for internship which will go to be proved to great help. After completing your internship you should definitely say thank you to the organization after completing your internship.

Thank You Letter for internship

An internship is one which opens a door in the world of professionalism for the students or beginners. By doing an internship one can get the experience of jobs, how they performed, what you need to do, what are rules and regulations etc. The internship also teaches you about the basic concept of any job and help you in giving a good start to your career.

Format of Thank You Letter for Internship

If you are wishing to write a thank you letter then in this condition I am sure that you will first look forward to the format of thank you letter for internship offer. Therefore, in this section, we are going to share the same for your reference.



Full Address

Dear Mr/ Mrs/ Ms (Employer’s name)

1st paragraph

In this paragraph, you need to thank the employer along with the mentioning of company details etc.

2nd paragraph

Here, you are going to tell about your skills and how does this internship helps or motivates you in achieving your confidence. You can also mention any other aspect that you learned from this internship.

3rd paragraph

Give a good admirable and thankful closing. You can also provide your contact details here or later after.


Your name


Contact number

So, this is the entire format for the end of internship thank you letter examples which you can follow while writing one for yourself.

How To Write Thank You Letter For Internship

So, in this section, we will guide you on how to write a perfect thank you letter for the internship without any error or mistake. We have already shared a format and sample for writing the thank you letter and here we are going to mention some Do’s and Don’ts which you should take care while writing a letter for you. Here they are:

What To Do

  • You should highlight the text that what you have learned from the internship and how this journey helps you professionally in achieving your goals.
  • Next, you need to thank you all those people who helped you in acquiring particular skills.
  • You should also show your enthusiasm towards joining the company as a permanent employee for a long association. In this context, you can also share your LinkedIn address or email address.

What Not To Do

  • Do not show that you are thanking your employer with a purpose or with your letter it should not look like you are writing just because you want to get a full-time job in the company.
  • Do not make any negative quotes about the workplace or mention negative points.
  • You should also not be too cheesy while giving a compliment it should not look over and out. Be formal and moderate in tone to make it easily digestible.

Sample Internship Thank You Letter with Example

It is the best way of showing your gratitude towards the organisation for giving you this best opportunity as it will boost up your relationship with the company and increase your chances of getting a permanent job with the full-time payable job.

Thank You Letter for Internship

Although it is not your aim as we should not be greedy, you need to thank the employer for choosing you and providing this awesome opportunity without any other thought. By getting a good internship you can boost up your working skills, leadership quality, gain experience and much more so it is necessary for one to join an internship first before applying for any job.

If you are wishing to write a thank you letter then it will be a good idea to go for the thank you letter template for an internship as it will help you in getting an idea of how to write a thank you letter. You should thank all the persons who have helped you, it can also be on your choice that you wanted to send all of them a separate note of thank you for helping you at the time of internship.

Thank You Letter for internship

Before moving ahead we should be aware of this question this is the reason due to which we are here providing you in detail description of this question. This thank you letter is a kind of document which is sent to the organization or the business by an intern where he has already performed the internship. You can easily find various kind of thank you letter examples or templates which will proved to be useful when you start writing a thank you letter.

Thank You Letter for Internship

Now, in this section we are going to share a thank you letter sample after internship which will give you an estimation of writing a thank you letter. Let us have a look over below sample:

12 Ecotech Village
East Sussex, 78949
24 February 2018
Alphington Marcus
Appreciation Manifestation Company
East Sussex, 46465

Dear Mr Marcus
I am very much thankful for you to giving me the opportunity of interviewing for this wonderful position of review writer. As the description you provided me for your organisation is really impressive and I am very much excited to start working for you.

The position that you have mentioned in the job description for it my qualifications are perfectly similar. Apart from this, I am really interested in this field of work although I don’t have much experience yes possess enough skills and it is one of my strongest attributes.

Once again I am gladly thankful towards your consideration and interview. I am eagerly waiting to grab this opportunity for working with your staff and look forward to hearing from you. You can freely contact me at 9865xxxx65 for any query.

Thompson Steve

Thank You Letter for Internship


So, this was all about the thank you letter and you can also download the templates that we are providing. If you feel bored or do not have enough time to write then in this situation the best option is to go with these wonderful templates. They will reduce your burden and make your work easier, apart from this it will also help you in getting an idea when you are going to write a thank you letter for yourself.

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